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<![CDATA[Dejeuner, DuckStore Style]]> http://duckstore-productions.com/en/news/details/14/dejeuner-duckstore-style Over the years, we’ve learned a trick or two about keeping our clients going strong over long days on the bike.

Le secret?  Duck Store’s picnic lunch stop.   Our formula is to set up a table and chairs outside (weather permitting) and lay out a feast carefully designed and prepared to keep legs spinning and appetites sated.    After all, you’re in a country defined by quality cuisine! 

It’s a method we highly recommend you adopt for full days on the bike at home too.  Here’s a few quick tips:


- Find your spot:  Seek out a deli, lunch place or even a quality supermarkets that offers a variety of pre-prepared, choose your own salads.


- Stop a bit.  Get off the bike for at least a half an hour.  Find a place where you can sit down and relax.  Outdoors and with a good view aids digestion and recovery!


- Make salads the base of your lunch.  Taboulé, Lentils, cooked vegetables, tuna, olives, potatoes are great, feta & spinach, quinoa are all great. 


- Choose fat free and easy to digest.  Go very light on acidic foods like Tomatoes.


- Supplement your salads with some fresh fruit, bread or crackers and cheese. 


Just because you’re a cyclist, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy your lunch!   


Read more about our picnic lunch method and menus.

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<![CDATA[Great Scott!]]> http://duckstore-productions.com/en/news/details/21/great-scott We’re super excited to announce the continuation of  a solid partnership with SCOTT.  We will ride Addict Team Issue bikes for next year as well as being equipped with many well engineered Scott accessories.  

We will be offering 2017 and 2018 Scott Addict bikes for clients who prefer not to bring their own bike.  Chief Duck will ride the Addict RC Disc 15.  Have you tried riding with disc brakes?

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<![CDATA[Planes, Bicycles and Pain Avoidance. ]]> http://duckstore-productions.com/en/news/details/22/planes-bicycles-and-pain-avoidance It’s an unfortunate fact these days that most airlines charge a hefty fee to fly your bike from the US to France.    Not to mention risking your own precious lightweight specialissima with airline baggage handlers.  

This article summarizes the latest international rates for different airlines.  Some airlines consider a bicycle part of your overall baggage and only apply a surcharge if you go over the maximum weight.    AirFrance and British Airways have more bicycle friendly policies than many of the US carriers.  But shop and compare - and don’t forget to factor the bicycle policy into your airfare price.

Or if you want, just avoid the whole hassle.  For 2013, we’re happy to provide our clients the option to leave your precious personal bike safe at home, save the transport fee and logistical energy, and let us hook you up with a sweet new Scott Foil or Scott CR1  demo bike to ride during your French adventure with us.  

We’re excited that our technical partnership with SCOTT gives our clients the opportunity to conquer France’s cols with their new top of the range carbon road frame, equipped with a Shimano Dura Ace or SRAM Red groupset and Syncros wheels.   You just bring your pedals, and your saddle if you wish, and your critical set-up measurements (saddle height, setback, saddle-handlebar distance)  and our technical staff will have you rolling on a bike you may want to replace your own with! 

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<![CDATA[Our favorite climb in France?]]> http://duckstore-productions.com/en/news/details/16/our-favorite-climb-in-france Just to the northeast of Mont Ventoux is a climb we think hands-down is one of the most beautiful in France.   Hard to say in country with so many beautiful climbs.   Perhaps it’s simpler to call it our favorite. 

It’s one you’ve likely never heard of, but once you climb it, it’s one you surely won’t forget.

The Col de Fontaube is surely neither the longest, nor the steepest climb you’ll do with us in France.   But it’s about as perfect as climbing can get on a bike.  At a touch under 5 km. long, with a 4% average grade, maxing out at 6.3%, it’s not a killer.

It’s the view that kills.  

We like the western approach from Eygaliers.  It’s a serpentine climb through hairpin after hairpin of typical Luberon terrain.   You can spin up this one seated and under control while you’re mesmerized by panoramic vistas of Mont Ventoux.    On the way down the other side, a detour right off the main road to the ancient stone artist’s village of Brantes is a don’t miss photo-op.    

In its Tour de France appearance in 2009, that same Fontaube approach provided a 4th category climb hors d’oeuvre, well before the big guns blazed on the showdown penultimate stage finish atop Mont Ventoux.  Le Fontaube also featured on the route of the L’Etape du Tour cyclosportif that year.

Perhaps with the Ventoux rumored to be in the 2013 Tour, it will make an appearance again.    We’ll keep you posted…

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