Satisfied clients

Many devoted cyclists from the Big Shark network and its more than dynamic boss Mike Weiss continue to participate in our Tour de France trips or other cycling experiences in France each year. Please do not hesitate contacting Mike (or others) directly for candid feedback,, tel: 1 314 862 1188

- “I remain humbled and forever impressed in the personalized experience you were able to provide to each of us.
L.Macrae, USA.


- “The food was outstanding everywhere we went, especially the yummy picnic lunches you whipped up … everything was perfectly balanced and additional carbs were always available for those who needed extra fuel.”
L.Dattillo, USA


- “Never have I worked so hard and been so satisfied with the effort. Experiencing France's Pyrenees and participating in the Etape, lodging in a nineteenth century chateau and sharing the Tour experiences with a wonderful group of people - made this and unforgettable adventure.”
T.Kinsella, USA


- "Your service, routes, attention to detail, accommodations, and personal touches are great."
R. Brewer, USA


- “We miss the riding and the companionship we had on that wonderful ride through the Alps.”

A. Hump, USA


- “One of the many things I enjoyed was how all of your preparations made every ride, meal and move seem absolutely effortless as far as the logistics were concerned. I was also grateful for your patience and willingness to translate French language and culture for me.”
D.Dickson, USA


- I was particularly pleased with the amount of riding we had, the specific routes we rode and the fact that you guys exhibited a flexibility and non-regimented approach that one does not find on organized tours.
A. Wassmann, USA


- "Words would fail miserably in describing my riding experiences with you all. The proposed routes and in particular the backroads to the major climbs were so sweet.
Other strong points:

• Team Duckstore
• Attention to detail, sleep, eat, ride, and repeat
• Your ability to be flexible and focus on simplification was essential."
R. Blanco, USA


- "Given all of the crowds, road closures and flotsam of the 100th Tour I am really glad we were with DuckStore because we’ve heard some horror stories since returning. Thank you guys for the great and difficult work you undertake to deliver such a wonderful trip."
J. Klages, USA


- "I really used the trip as a spring board to change some personal habits and start doing more of the things I really enjoy in life (less work, more fun/travel). You made it happen!"
C. Mileski, USA


- “Everything was exteremly well taken care of and we found it most difficult to fend for ourselves when we had down time in Paris. “
J.Eichholz, USA




- “Without a doubt John & Pascal exceeded my expectations...this trip was my first real cycling holiday where I didn't have to worry about anything other than riding...which was what I signed up was perfect... your support on the road was exceptional and totally the best.”
J.Ramsell, Canada


- “Your hosting for our week of riding was fabulous, and I know I speak for our entire group.  We had a great week in the Alps! “
G.Tuckwell, UK


- “Just a short note to say that the trip you put on for us was wonderful and I am thinking about next year already.  Your energy and willingness to help and any moment was appreciated by all.”
A.Kadam, Israel