On DuckStore trips, you won’t stay in a big soulless chain hotel. We carefully select smaller, proprietor owned and operated, cyclist-friendly hotels to provide super cuisine, intimate ambiance, and a comfortable bed – all without breaking your wallet.

Our meals emphasize balance and variety, keeping the cyclist-athlete’s needs primary.  We provide optimal fuel for long, high-performances days in the saddle, changing it up with different carbs like rice, semoule, bulger, potatoes and quinoa to ensure you’re not having pasta twice a day, every day.


We often provide picnics featuring a variety of local fresh fruits for which France is a major producer.   Picnics are a time efficient, flexible way to ensure everyone gets a quality lunch break on our riding days:  An easy to digest meal, suitable for cyclists, in a fantastic outdoor venue such as the top of a pass, or alongside an alpine lake or stream.   (Read more here about our picnic lunches.)


We plan our other meals to ensure you taste famous French dishes as well as the local cuisine on each trip.  Of course, we strongly suggest sampling the regional wines and cheeses, and no DuckStore trip would be complete without at least some duck at dinner!

Any good alpine guide knows the best routes aren’t always the most famous.

DuckStore trips include Tour de France monuments like the Tourmalet, Alpe d’Huez, Ventoux or Galibier.  But you’ll also discover incredibly scenic, traffic-free cols and breathtaking undulating roads woven into the tapestry of French cycling culture.  And we design our itineraries to ensure you spend most of your valuable vacation time on your bike, not on a long bus transfer.

Other riders (a.k.a. 'Companions')
Our trips are intentionally kept small, intimate and relaxed. Typical guests range in cycling ability, but all arrive with a sufficient fitness level, eager to experience the best cycling France has to offer.

Our professional staff caters to your needs, on and off the bike.  In the best mountain guide tradition, we make sure you ride in the best conditions, with the right equipment, at the right time.


Our vans are often nearby but not ‘on your heels’ like a circling broom wagon. During rides, you’ll fuel up on snacks similar to what the pros eat.  Some days, we’ll even hand you a bulging musette that would make a Tour de France rider jealous.

You can either bring your own bike, or we’ll help you rent a professional quality Scott road bicycle.   If you rent, we recommend you bring your own shoes and pedals.  Our tech-savvy staff can assist with any bike assembly or adjustment needs. 

Our entire staff speaks fluent English and French, so you don’t have to worry about any language hassles. But we’re happy to help you practice and improve your French while you’re with us…bien sur!

After the ride we build in time to recover, relax and rejuvenate.  We’ll also do a little socializing and local sightseeing.


As is customary in French cycling culture, a group evening meal with our equipe is a perfect way to end the day.  Savored with good company, DuckStore evenings are relaxed, fun experiences sharing good food, better wine, and the best conversation. You’ll likely engage in cycling-centered debates that often are resolved over a walk for a night cap exploring local venues.